About us

Medical Care Center Bergsjön is part of the Medical Care Group, which has several medical centers, medical clinics and vaccination clinics around Sweden. 


Medical Care Center - Bergsjön


In 2019, Medical bought an existing care center on Ljusårsvägen 100 in Bergsjön in Gothenburg. With new management, the health center will grow and develop with new services. We always strive to offer our patients the highest level of service and short wait times for medical appointments.


The care center is easily accessible in terms of communication and has a large parking space where the car can be parked during your visit.


Operations Manager
Kamran Heydari


Bitr. operations manager
Susanne Eriksson


In case of complaint: feedback@medical.se


Company facts
We want to contribute to transparency and openness and have therefore updated our website with the information below. In order to show the seriousness of private actors, our industry organization Vårdföretagarna Almega wants all welfare companies (school, care & nursing) to report company facts openly. The high standards and guidelines we follow are common to all.


Contact information
Phone: 031-222 300
E-mail: vc.gbg@medical.se
Address: Ljusjaarvägen 100, Gothenburg 


Management & owners
On allabolag.se there is more information about the company.
Owner: Medical Operations No. 4 AB, (Org No. 559185-9839).
Contact person: Susanne Eriksson
Phone: 031-222 300


We work under the same conditions as all health centers within the national tariff and Vårdval within the Västra Götaland Region.


Our values
Medical Vårdcentral Bergsjön wants to stand for respect for the equal value of all individuals, we want to give the customer the highest quality and good availability. Medical Vårdcentral Bergsjön works for the promotion of health and well-being by supporting and motivating the individual to their own health responsibility.


Medical Vårdcentral Bergsjön's values raise the idea of all people's equal value, respect, high knowledge and a good attitude.


Guiding words in our values:
Job satisfaction
Our customers' trust is based on our professionalism and competence




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